The Ultimate Cladding Device

Saves You Time & Money On Cladding Installation

What Can The Cladman Do For You?

The Cladman enables a single person to install Fibre Cement Weather Boards and Traditional Feather Edged cladding boards with minimum effort, removing the need for two people to hold a board in position. As one person can clad an elevation on their own, less manpower is required or multiple elevations can be clad at the same time.

Acting as a second pair of hands the Cladman supports the boards leaving the hands free for fixing, whilst maintaining consistent overlapping accuracy, right up to the soffit.

The sprung loaded rubber roller offers easy manipulation of the boards into position, preventing slipping thereby avoiding possible damage.

The Cladman accommodates board widths of 125 - 225mm, and a thickness range of 8 - 38mm. The overlap required can be set anywhere between 5 – 85mm, ideal for aligning board edges with window and door reveals. Setting the board overlap requirement is quick and simple and once set will not vary during use.

With lightweight construction, steel reinforced joints, each Cladman weighs just 0.9kg yet will support heavier cladding with ease. The incorporated spirit level adds an easy visual check on board alignment during installation.

The Cladman Features

  • Single person installation of weatherboards and traditional feather edged cladding
  • Accommodates popular sizes board widths 125 – 225mm, thickness range 8 – 38mm
  • Gauges board overlapping with a range of 5 – 85mm
  • Safest Way To Clad​
  • ​Incorporated spirit level
  • ​Weighs Just 0.9kg Each
  • 2 Cladman Per Set
  • 12 Month Guarantee
  • Designed, developed and made in Great Britain  

The Cladman is also available with it's own specially designed protective EVA case

  • Water Resistant
  • Internal Foam Inlay
  • Elasticated Net Pocket To Store Circular Saw Blades Up To 305mm DIA
  • ​Mid Case Zipper With Easy Pull Fobs
  • Carry Handle